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Plating Tanks

Are you interested in gold plating? Learn more about plating tanks.

Plating Tanks Kits

Over the last two decades, the numbers of electroplating equipment suppliers in the market have more than doubled. Whereas this has enabled the cost of doing business to go down, it has also made it pretty difficult for most people to make an informed decision on best chrome plating equipment to purchase. Therefore, if you are searching for information on how to select the best plating tanks kit, you will find the information illustrated herein quite helpful.

Listed herein, are different types of electroplating kits ranging from chrome plating kits to gold plating kits. All of them can be utilized to either plate or re-plate your chrome, silver, black chrome, copper and zinc amongst other types of metal coatings. In addition, you can utilize these plating tanks kits to plate non-metallic items. Take time to go through the various plating kits illustrated herein, so that you can choose one that best suits your requirements.

Gold tank plating gear

If you are looking for a means through which you can earn profits without the same old merchandize that every other merchant is selling, then you need to consider plating jewelry. Unlike other types of businesses, gold and silver plating is easy to start. It does not require you to have the mind of a scientist and 10 years of experience to setup. With gold plating tank, you can plate straight over any material (e.g. copper, zinc, nickel or silver). Furthermore, you can use the same equipment to re-plate gold over eroded gold.

A gold tank plating kit includes the following: 24 karat gold solution, professional model rectifier, electro-cleaner and leads, stainless steel anodes and coil copper wire. Other items that are usually included in the kit include a training guide and marketing manual.

The average price of a gold plating tank kit is $800.00. This is inclusive of shipping and handling.

Professional tank plating gear

Professional tank plating gear has been specially designed for the merchant who would like to include brush plus pen plating in the foreseeable future. In comparison to other plating kits in the market, the professional tank plating kit has more power, and as such can handle more jobs. These are the types of kits commonly utilized by high-end jewelry shops as well as manufacturers.

Professional plating tanks includes the following: rectifier leads, 24K gold solution, copper brightener, stainless steel anodes, coil copper wire, electrolytic cleaner, instruction manual and marketing guide.

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